Saturday, June 25, 2011

Home Theater Projectors - Get the Right Fit for Your Home Theater

Home theater projectors are one of the leading products on the market right now for people who are setting up their home theater. There are so many different models and styles of projection machines to choose from and they definitely make a better addition to a home theater than any big screen TV that you can buy. Three main types of projectors exist for home theater use and the exact one that you choose is going to depend on your specific needs and wants for your new entertainment space.

Home Theater Projectors

LCD projectors are popular because they have sharp colors and bright images. These projectors are designed to best fit in auditoriums or dimly-lit rooms where the lights can shine to the fullest of their capability. DLP projectors are another model, and these have been around for a bit longer than LCD models. They are lighter than LCD home theater projectors and they have smooth performance, high contrast, and very little pixilation issues. This makes them ideal for home theater use in any scenario. The third type of projector is a 3LCD projector, which uses 3 LCDs instead of one to create the unique colors and definition that are of a higher quality than standard LCD.