Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Choose a Projector - Answers to Questions at Engadget.com

We know, we know, projectors have been woefully underrepresented here, but this week it's their time to shine. We've fielded more than one question about what projector to buy but this week it's a little different.
Answers to Questions at Engadget.com Our friend Paul already has his beamer, but so far it's only pointed at a nearby wall, and he wants to know how he can make the projector just a little bit better:
I recently upgraded from my smallish TV to an Epson Home Cinema 8350 projector.
Choose a Projector While watching movies or play some Black Ops looks great shot directly onto one of the walls in my apartment at 100-inches +, I'm wondering what screen should I get to improve the picture even more? I've heard of using special paint as a screen also, so that's an option.

Any suggestions? There you have it, we know more than a few of you are living the bigscreen lifestyle courtesy of a nice projector, let us know what you're actually shooting those 1080p images at to get the most accurate and brightest picture possible.

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